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Imps, goblins, giant crows and a vampire
that wants to destroy the world? Standard day when you live on the cusp of a monster dimension!

Jace Tanner has one mission: Get through his year last year at Clover Meadows’ Primary without being expelled so he can to go to the same high school as his best friend, Eli Delcour.


Sounds simple enough, right?


Well, that’s because you haven’t considered the legion of evil monsters standing in his way.


For as long as he can remember, Jace has been able to see monsters where others can’t. It might sound cool, but it’s not, it's a living nightmare.  Jace would love nothing more than to be like every other kid, to not get bullied, called a freak or get detention each and EVERY day. All he wants is to join the football team, play video games and just be NORMAL.


But normal left a LOOOOONG time ago.


All he can do now is try to save the world and maybe make a few monster-fighting friends along the way.


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